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Simon Flower
BSc. C.Eng. MIET
Managing Director of STL Ethos

Oliver Hunter. CEO Construction - Affordable Housing and Healthcare Group

“I have known Simon since 2004, working with him on major projects in the UK, US and Europe. I trust his insight and advice. He has the ability to develop strategy for and within businesses and implement it with practical pragmatism; managing stakeholders and building strong relationships along the way through his interpersonal skills. In managing projects he can move easily between levels of detail from high level to minutiae judging how best to guide, support and drive through delegation of authority - resulting in effective delivery and momentum of project and people. Did you know that he's also a guru on new product development and how best to take them through to introduction/launch?”

Vicky Bramley. Chief of Staff and Head of Strategy - SimplyHealth

“Simon has a powerful combination of honed project and process management skills, strategic thinking and emotional intelligence. This results in consistently reliable delivery of a high quality with engaged stakeholders at all levels. I have enjoyed working with Simon and have learned from him. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for future roles. ”

Charlie Dean. SVP & GM - Endoluminal BU, Intuitive

“Simon is an exemplary consultant with a breadth of knowledge rivaled by few. Whether in the field of performance improvement, manufacturing or project management, he uses his experience and creativity to develop and deliver real value for his clients. I worked side by side with Simon for over 6 months, where I learned a great deal. He is highly driven, honest and always focuses selflessly on his clients and his team members, helping them to perform as well as they possibly can, both personally and professionally. As such I would recommend him to any of my contacts as someone I trust.”

Ambrose Conroy. Founder - Seraph

“Simon has a unique ability to quantify problems and he uses his skills to define and measure results on each of the projects he delivers. An example of the results he delivers can best be seen through a project we worked together in Canada. Simon was able to lead the analysis and measurement of the the efforts of a 120 person engineering group. Through the analysis he identified several areas of waste that were frustrating the engineers and helped to design a simple solution to address them. His solution yielded a quantifiable increase in the engineering department productivity that exceeded 30% in less than a year, while improving morale within the department. The long term benefits of his work are even better - five years on from the project the Director of Engineering has reduced his staff to 76 and supporting sales that have increased by more than 20% - These are results that the client took to the bank. I strongly recommend Simon and would gladly use his services in the future.”

Jeremy Tait. Group Director of Insight, Data Analytics and CRM - ATG.

“I have learnt immensely from Simon who brings problem approaches to life with simple examples that I have gone onto to share with others. Simon can be trusted to deliver the most complex programmes, with a considered and strategic approach, ongoing communication with stakeholders and an empowering leadership approach. He instilled great loyalty in those who worked on his programme due to both a respect of his expertise but also his respectful approach where he never jumps to conclusions and listens intently. Simon has delivered significant financial value by enabling and prioritising investment and delivering more effective and efficient ways of operating that are centred on the customer.”

Tom Harvey. Solutions Architect - Carnival UK

“Working with Simon on projects is like receiving a masterclass in analysis, clarity of thinking and purposeful planning. His work is always highly considered and analytical but never falls into the trap of lacking urgency or purpose. This is all the more impressive given the huge scale he often works at - programmes of change spanning many capabilities and teams. Not many thinkers can communicate as well as Simon; not many communicators can think as well as Simon. I hope our paths cross again.”

Katarina Jennings. Principle Consultant - Warn + Co

“Having worked with Simon from 2015-2020, I have learned an invaluable amount from him. As a leader and line manager, he inspired me to look at any situation from number of different angles to get to the best possible and rounded outcomes. He is incredibly supportive and great fun to work with, always ready to dedicate his time to others to offer his guidance. Simon is a strategic thinker with an outstanding business acumen, that works proficiently at the executive/senior leadership level and is highly respected by his colleagues. He continuously shares his extensive knowledge & experience in number of areas with people across the business and the wider professional community, as he is passionate about up-skilling and developing others. His leadership on strategic, large-scale and complex organisation & change management initiatives and business transformation programs is truly inspiring and supported by his unique ability to diagnose problem & design solutions. I would strongly recommend Simon to any organisation that is looking to successfully transform their operation and to build a long lasting continuous improvement culture. ”

Prasad Hariharan. Managing Director - Carnival Support Services India Pvt Ltd

“I met Simon Flower when he first visited our office in Mumbai in 2014. Carnival Support Services India - “CSSI” is a 100% subsidiary of Carnival Corp. & plc, the world’s largest leisure travel and cruise ship company. CSSI had been providing Crewing Services to a few of the Carnival Brands since 1996. We had a 60 member team in 2014 primarily recruiting Indian hospitality crew for our cruise ships and on-boarding new hires and re-joiners. We also offered a Crew Payroll service to c.11K crew across multiple nationalities working with a couple of brands. Subsequent to his visit in early 2014, Simon joined the CSSI Board of Directors and was appointed CEO of CSSI and effectively became my reporting Manager. Simon was the best thing that could happen to CSSI and me. Under his leadership from 2014 – 2019, CSSI’s operations increased three fold in size and scope. Simon became the flag bearer of CSSI across the Carnival Corp. and improved the visibility of CSSI’s services across the Corporation. This resulted in more Carnival brands using CSSI’s services thus CSSI becoming a Center of Excellence for Crew Life Cycle processes across the Corporation. CSSI became the largest employer of maritime crew in India, having c.22K Indian crew under its management. Carnival brands like Carnival UK and Carnival Cruise Line also transitioned some of their key crew services like Crew Travel, Performance recording and reporting, crew compliance, etc. to CSSI. During these years, I had the opportunity and privilege to get to know Simon Flower professionally and to a great extent personally. Simon’s focus on data driven decision making, his methodical and structured approach to any issue, his great listening ability and his sheer passion for doing the right thing and doing things right has left an indelible impression on me and the entire team at CSSI. His penchant for measuring performance through SLAs and dashboards changed the way CSSI delivered its services to its customers. The entire team would look forward to his quarterly visits to Mumbai and passionate discussions relating to improving our services and expanding CSSI’s footprint across the Corporation. He trained the leadership team at CSSI in LEAN principles which helped improve our efficiencies as a Cost-Plus entity. I see Simon as a mentor who has helped shape me as a Leader. I have seen his “In God we trust - everyone else must bring data” approach as well as his ability to connect with people across organizational hierarchy and his support for the people who run the business. After his departure from Carnival UK, I may not be able to interact with him professionally but I will continue to connect with him as I believe that he would be my Coach for life.”

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