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Transformation and Performance Improvement

Business transformation and performance improvement sits at the heart of what we do. Ranging from a business or functional strategy realisation, through to a smaller performance improvement or problem resolution, our simple, human centered approach will help you deliver results.

Product Development Excellence

The STL Ethos PDE | 80.3 Framework









PDE 80_edited.jpg

PDE | 80.3 maturity profile...

STL Ethos has released a new maturity model that profiles excellence in product development and launch. This best practice model - based on Lean & Systems Thinking - is intended for the manufacturing sector and is now available as a profiling tool. If you are interested in identifying opportunities to improve productivity in new product development & launch, please access the model and complete your scoring profile. We will send this to you in a tailored report. All participants will also receive a free copy of the benchmark report once enough industry wide data is available.

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