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Shivani Flower

Director of STL Ethos

Jacqueline Watson Yarngo. Head of Global Business Development - ActionAid Denmark

"Shivani is an excellent management consultant and we enjoyed a great working relationship whilst at PA Consulting. She is professional, skilled and great fun to work with. I highly recommend Shivani."

Michael Slade. Managing Consultant - PA Consulting

I worked with Shivani as a team member on a number of occasions. She made significant contributions to the project(s!) at hand and was always a pleasure to work with - pleasant, knowledgeable, committed and competent."

Ron Leeman. Business Change Manager - Everything Everywhere (EE)

“Shivani was one of the Key Stakeholders in a change initiative that created significant Process and Organizational changes to Everything Everywhere’s (ex Orange) SAS Analytics community resulting from an Enterprise Infrastructure change. In my role as the Business Change Manager I was required to interact with Shivani on many occasions and I always found her to be constructive, not afraid to ask awkward questions, knowledgeable and always willing to offer advice and guidance. This was of considerable help to me during the project which consequently made my job much easier. I have no hesitation in recommending Shivani."

Fuaad Buras. Senior ERP / CRM Project Manager

“Shivani was an excellent CRM consultant with great listening and delivery skills. She is well liked at all levels and very effective in the way she managed her tasks and team members."

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