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Read the book - See. Think. Lead. The Truth Behind Successful Business Transformation.

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

For many years I debated why so many business transformations fail and ultimately came to a striking conclusion: success comes not from the extensive qualifications held by the project leaders, but from their state of mind.

Digging deeper, I realised there were three aspects that were the determining factors for success: they saw the world in a certain way; they treated others in a certain way; they knew that the process of transformation follows a well-defined path.

My book - "See. Think. Lead. The Truth Behind Successful Business Transformation" aims to clarify these three traits through a powerful model which I use without exception. The model – See. Think. Lead – is based upon the frame of reference, the frame of mind and the frame for change.

The 3 stages of leading projects; seeing, thinking and leading
See. Think. Lead. The three stages of successful business transformation

Part 1 of the book centres on Reed ElectroSense, a fictitious company with a large transformation programme ahead of it. Through this story we will explore the three frameworks and the related elements.

Part 2 is a discussion of the characteristics associated with the three frameworks.

Part 3 outlines the techniques referenced throughout the story, providing structure and guidance in ways to apply them.

This model is the product of three decades spent transforming businesses. In that time I’ve learnt from leaders, mentors, clients, team members and colleagues. I am still learning as this simple model continues to successfully transform businesses.

This is part of our series; ViewPoint on Transformation.

To find out more, please follow the link to buy and read my book on successful business transformation.

I've never been a great fan of large business text books, so this is a story, based on many experiences during a career defined by business performance improvement and the wild and varied projects that enable it.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out as per the contact details below.

"The three interlocked frameworks are a valuable insight. All three are essential."

Professor John Bicheno, Buckingham University.

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