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Our purpose

At STL Ethos, we are all about transforming:

Business performance

Business capability

Personal capability

It's as simple as that

What we do

We engage with you to deliver projects successfully and improve business performance.

We support strategy development, create PMOs and define the portfolio of work to be done.

We are problem solvers, as adept at delivering projects as we are at coaching our clients for success.

Who we are

Our small team and the professional network we align with are experienced leaders who enhance the skills of those we work with, while helping businesses to achieve their strategic goals.

The two founding directors of the company have been professional consultants for many years as well as holding senior industry positions.

Our philosophy -
how we do what we do

Frame of Reference: We work holistically because unconstrained thinking produces the best outcome.

Frame of Mind: Our style is founded on coaching and mentoring because in this way we create enhanced capability within our clients teams.

Frame for Change: We follow a simple three step process.

See things as they really are

Think about how you want the future to be

Lead the change to a successful conclusion

This is our ethos. We believe it so strongly that its who we are.

Lead. Phase 3 in the business performance improvement framework
See. Phase 1 of the business performance improvement framework
Think. Phase 2 of the business performance improvement framework

We are


Fact based

Benefit Driven

Delivery Focused

Five ideas shape the way we work with you

Your desired outcome frames the conversation

Partnership and collaboration set the tone

Experience is what we bring

Every project is an opportunity to learn

Global reach, virtual presence

Our values

We are stronger when we collaborate

To challenge, with integrity

To be honest, to be brave and to have fun

To do the right thing, not the easy thing

To make a difference

Abstract Building


I have learnt immensely from Simon who brings problem approaches to life with simple examples that I have gone onto to share with others.

Simon can be trusted to deliver the most complex programmes...


I see Simon as a mentor who has helped shape me as a Leader. I have seen his “In God we trust - everyone else must bring data” approach as well as his ability to connect with people across organizational hierarchy and his support for the people who run the business....


Working with Simon on projects is like receiving a masterclass in analysis, clarity of thinking and purposeful planning. His work is always highly considered and analytical but never falls into the trap of lacking urgency or purpose...


Shivani is an excellent management consultant and we enjoyed a great working relationship whilst at PA Consulting. She is professional, skilled and great fun to work with. I highly recommend Shivani.


 I worked with Shivani as a team member on a number of occasions. She made significant contributions to the project(s!) at hand and was always a pleasure to work with - pleasant, knowledgeable, committed and competent.


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Available on Amazon

See. Think. Lead.

The Truth Behind Successful Business Transformation

"Only someone who has vast experience of the domain could have articulated the nuances of transforming businesses in such a simple language."

Prasad Hariharan, MD of CSSI Pvt Ltd

"The three interlocked frameworks are a valuable insight.

All three are essential."

Professor John Bicheno, Buckingham University.

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